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A Ravishing Idiot

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In this Eduardo Molinaro Spy-Spoof, Anthony Perkins plays a Russian spy sent out to steal sensitive information from NATO about military mobilization. Without much intelligence of his own, the distrusted agent of Soviet intelligence needs all the help he can get from his "talented" partner Penelope Lightfeather (Bardot) as they scatter around the French countryside for secret rendez-vous' while trying to avoid being caught by counter intelligence agents and distrustful communist operatives.

Title : A Ravishing Idiot

Year : 1964

Runtime : 110

Release Dates: 1964-03-12


Actors :

Brigitte BardotasPenelope 'Penny' Lightfeather
Anthony PerkinsasHarry Compton / Nicolas Sergueiovitch Maukouline
Grégoire AslanasBagda
Jean-Marc TennbergasInspector Cartwright
Hans VernerasDonald Farrington
André LuguetasSir Reginald Dumfrey
Denise ProvenceasLady Barbara Dumfrey
Jacques MonodasSurgeon - the chauffeur
Hélène DieudonnéasMamie
Charles MillotasFedor Alexandrovitch Balaniev
Paul DemangeasBank director
Jacques HillingasLe Lord-Admiral
Frederica LayneasMaud Smith (as Fredrika Layne)
Annick AllièresasEléonore - la serveuse du Lion's
Dominique PageasRosemary
Robert MurzeauasClément
Jacques DynamasLe sergent de police

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