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Two chess players face off at a busy café, studying both the pieces on the board and the unfolding dramas at the neighboring tables. While a young couple fumbles through an uncomfortable blind date, a longtime marriage begins to crumble. Meanwhile, a pair of film noir fans suspect they're witnessing a real-life murder. This is an ensemble drama about conversations overheard in a bustling New York City bistro. With every whispered word, we gain a greater understanding of the big picture being formed all around us. From lovers' quarrels to artistic musings and hushed confessions, a crowded restaurant is the perfect place to discover just what strangers will say when they think no one else is listening.

Title : Eavesdrop

Year : 2008

Runtime : 99

Release Dates: 2008-08-01


Actors :

Alejandra AmbrosiasClara
Josh BarrettasChapman
Jeanine BartelasVal
Steve BenistyasSerge
Pepper BinkleyasJoceyln
Michael CountrymanasRoyston
Simon JutrasasFrenchman
Simona MorecroftasBea
Tesia Nicolias
George RiddleasOliver
Alan RuckasCasper
Stephanie SzostakasFrench Woman
Julia WeldonasMelanie
Anna ChlumskyasChelsea
Wendie MalickasLaura
Lynn CohenasMay
Tovah FeldshuhasSusie
Christopher LawfordasClaude
Aasif MandviasDon
Terrence MannasAugust
Ted McGinleyasGrant
Susan MisnerasBette
Chris ParnellasTerrence
Bill RaymondasHal
Lana AntonovaasDeidre
Lynn CollinsasTallulah

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